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65' High waterfall
at the falls of hills creek. We have dozens of free wallpapers and backgrounds here for those who enjoy nature photography.

Forest Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful sites of nature that a man's eye can behold.  

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Selecting the right waterfall is one of the most fun and easiest parts of taking waterfall pictures. In order to make the most of your time you should look for a waterfall that is appeasing to the eye and soothing to look at. After all who would want to look at a waterfall picture that is ugly? Just go with your heart and with what looks good to you. If you like how a waterfall looks, then it will probably be worth taking a picture of the waterfall to share with others. 

If you are pressed for time, then make the most of your time, and try look at the waterfall from a perspective that maybe someone else cannot see. There is hidden beauty in just about any setting so try to think outside of the box when selecting the right waterfall to take a picture for your purpose. Clear your mind of everyday thoughts and stresses maybe just set for 5 minutes and stare at the waterfall, studying its shape and the flow of the water. Within no time you will find yourself seeing the potential for a great waterfall picture once you have cleared your mind.

Choosing the right season can be critical to taking the right waterfall picture. Winter is a tough time especially if you live in the upper northern region. Freezing water can be just as beautiful as flowing water if taken from the right perspective. However, it has been my experience that a frozen waterfall picture is really a bland setting and can kill the whole excitement of a waterfall picture. 

During the spring season waterfalls can be especially beautiful if the picture is taken at the right time. Too early in the spring season and the vegetation around the waterfall picture setting will still be dead looking from the previous winter. An ideal time to take a waterfall picture in the spring is when the flowers and trees are in full bloom. This is typically during the May month of spring and it is well worth waiting for the right time to get a good waterfall picture. 

Summer can also be a really great season to take waterfall pictures. The strong growth of green vegetation and summertime flowers can make a wonderful setting for a spectacular waterfall picture. Although the sun can pose challenges during the hot summer months a proper polarizing filter can dim down the bright rays that cause for quick exposure times. The bright colors that come out from a well lit scene often make it worth the extra effort of compensating for the bright light. Summer can be a dangerous time for taking pictures of waterfalls, because snakes and other critters may be lurking in the shadows. I live where poisonous copperhead snakes are prevalent during the hot summer days. So I watch very carefully when climbing up and down cliffs to get waterfall pictures.

The autumn fall season is my favorite time of year for taking waterfall pictures. The colors of the leaves and the hue of the fall sky make for wonderful, magical, waterfall picture opportunities around every corner. This time of year the temperatures are just right for hiking and spending the entire day outside in the forest, looking for the right shot to take your best picture. Try to incorporate as much fall foliage as you possibly can in your waterfall picture, as you will appreciate this once you see the finished product. Thinking back from a time when there is no fall foliage, it will be a very pleasant sight to remember and imagine. Again, study your setting and look around for some time, before getting in a hurry and taking the waterfall picture. You hurry all of the time throughout each and every day, this is the time to relax and let your mind think of the more simple carefree things of nature. Read More....

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